Comprehensive range

TRISA manufactures state-of-the-art, professionally developed products for personal oral care.  For dental health it is important to remove the plaque that forms daily, and the toothbrushes is the key instrument for doing this. With our comprehensive range of products we satisfy all the requirements of modern oral care. TRISA offers a total of around 20 different models of toothbrush tailored to the needs of the customer. Whitening toothbrushes, products for interdental cleaning and toothbrushes for children of all ages form just a small selection of the wide range that TRISA provides.

On million toothbrushes a day

Each day more than a million toothbrushes manufactured according to the strictest quality criteria leave our production facilities. Thanks to many years of cooperation with leading universities and dentists wordlwide, TRISA develops toothbrushes of the highest scientific standard. Cleaning efficiency and need to take care of the teeth are of key significance in the development of toothbrushes. In order to continue developing oral care products to meet the highest demands in the future, we rely on the early identification of customer requirements. We also focus on systematic innovation management and we cooperate with leading experts from the scientitic community.

Gentle cleaning –
professional oral hygiene day in day out

TRISA offers a comprehensive range of high quality toothbrushes with functionality and maximum user comfort combined for daily oral hygiene. The soft bristles gently stimulate the gums whilst cleaning the surface of the teeth at the same time. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

    • Silk fine interdental bristles clean deep into the interdental spaces and gently massage the gums
    • Shorter Cleaning bristles reliably remove plaque from the tooth surfaces
    • Ergonomic handle with non-slip surface
    • Soft microstructures on the back help remove bacteria from the tongue
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    • Micro fine conical bristle tips reach the interdental spaces better than conventional toothbrushes
    • Thorough and gentle cleaning
    • Compact brush head
    • Elegant handle design
    • Feather-light and especially soft bristles in the outer circle gently stimulate the gums
    • Pleasantly soft bristles in the inner segment facilitate gentle and efficient cleaning of sensitive teeth
    • Ergonomic handle with non-slip surface
    • Integrated tongue cleaner on the back of the brush head
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Whitening toothbrushes –
for a radiant smile

The whitening bristles in combination with the unique bristle arrangement facilitate the removal of tooth discolorations and cleans especially in difficult to reach places.

    • Flexible brush head with a flexible brush neck
    • Ergonomic 2-component handle
    • Soft microstructures on the back help to remove bacteria from the tongue
    • Unique whitening elements and the perfectly designed bristles clean the teeth thoroughly
    • Ergonomic handle with a non-slip surface
    • When used regularly ensures natural gleaming white teeth

Sustainable toothbrushes –
sustainability and design in one

TRISA is conducting research in all product areas to find alternatives to fossil raw materials. Toothbrushes made of wood, bio-based plastics and recyclates are already reality at TRISA.

    • Ultra fine and smooth filaments with perfectly rounded bristle ends
    • Protection of the tooth enamel and gentle care of the gums
    • The compact brush head reaches even hard-to-reach places
    • The toothbrush handle consists of 90% renewable resources
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    • Ergonomic handle made of FSC-certified Swiss beech wood
    • Brush head made of hygienic bio-plastic based on renewable raw materials
    • Soft bristles for cleaning teeth thoroughly on the basis of natural castor oil
    • Packaging made of recycled cardboard and 100% recycled PET
    Info: Toothbrushes
    • Ergonomic and resource-saving design handle
    • Handle manufactured with recycled PET bottles
    • Sustainable bristles – based entirely on natural resources
    • Effective 2-stage bristle arrangement for cleaning the teeth thoroughly
    • Packaging made of recycled cardboard and 100% recycled PET

Children's toothbrushes –
age appropriate

TRISA's range of products for children is very popular. The size and shape of the individual toothbrush heads are adapted to the individual development stages of the child's teeth. The soft bristles are the guarantee for gentle oral hygiene.

    • Age group: 0-3 years
    • Small brush head with especially soft filaments
    • For a gentle cleaning right from the first milk tooth
    • Age group: 3-6 years
    • Extra soft bristles and compact brush head ‒ for thorough and gentle cleaning 
    • Non-slip handle ‒ especially suitable for children's hands
    • Ideal for milk teeth
    • Age group: 6+ years
    • Efficient cleaning ‒ thanks to the combination of longer bristles with the shorter cleaning bristles
    • Many fascinating animal motifs ‒ for more fun with tooth brushing
    • Ideal for the mixed dentition stage

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